This is the official author Web site of Self-Published Author and Maglomaniac Online Magazine Fashion Columnist & Blogger LAURIE PERRONE.

“I work hard and make every best possible effort to keep my Web site safe for the general public.  Please read on before browsing my Web site.”


Books Disclaimer:

The Fire in Grace YA Novel Series and any of its installments  are fiction books with some real life experiences with Bipolar Disorder Syndrome for authentication.  However, The Fire in Grace YA Novel series and any of its installments do not in any way reflect professional medical opinions.  The Fire in Grace YA Novel series and any of its installments are only meant to shed some light and awareness on the subject of BPS and who it can strike at any time.

Freelance Writing Disclaimer:

Besides being a children’s and young adult self-published author, Laurie Perrone is a columnist and blogger who uses numerous types of media open to various types preferences and tastes.  Perrone fully understands that this is the world we live in, but other people’s preferences and tastes do not  in any way reflect Perrone’s spiritual and moral beliefs. Perrone simply uses other media as a tool for publishing articles  about the good and inspirational works of others in hopes of setting positive examples for her readers.

As a child advocate, Perrone encourages that every parent and every person use their best possible judgment and discretion when browsing to other media sites where she displays her work.  She firmly believes that it is every parent’s responsibility and duty to control what his or her children view on the Internet. This is fair warning to people, who may find other material written by other authors not in agreement with their own moral beliefs.  It is Perrone’s desire that every person take ownership for whatever his or her eyes come across while browsing to read her work.

Remember that all other writing works (other than Perrone’s) on the World Wide Web reflect other people’s preferences, beliefs and viewpoints (as well as our country’s basic Constitutional Rights, ie. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, to name a few).  Quite honestly, it is what it is.   Although Perrone uses  other media as a vehicle for her own writing, she does not in any way personally endorse the general media’s preferences, beliefs and viewpoints.

Web Site Disclaimer:

This is the one and only Author Web site of author Laurie J. Perrone.  Perrone writes all her own Web site content, social media, blogs and all the like.  Any other Web site, social media, and blogs other than the ones mentioned in this site are fakes, and Perrone is neither affiliated with them nor does she endorse them.

Thank you.

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